Barbara's twins

I really do like having my shed. The goats and sheep are actually going in voluntarily to have their kids and lambs. Barbara went in mid afternoon yesterday. About 4:30 out popped the first doe. She was up and about quickly. Barbara did not do a great job of cleaning her up, so I knew to expect another one. Last year, Barbara was this size and had only one showstopper buck. I was thrilled to see a second doe born. When she did not get up as quickly as her sister, I kept an eye on her. I made sure she got some colostrum, but she still stayed hunched over. Just a half hour in time and a slight drop in temperature had me taking the kid inside to blow dry her to warm her up and then let her take a nap. Two hours later, she was back out with her mom, sucking away. It is amazing how little it takes to change what looks like a really weak baby into a very healthy looking one.

A photo will follow tomorrow. I ended up putting coats on both of them last night, to keep Barbara from discriminating against the one I had taken inside. Went out this morning and discovered that one had gotten hers off and the other one was wrapped up in hers. They were really cute.