I noticed that I don't have any photos of what I do with my fiber. I spend most of my time spinning and occasionally knitting. The best sellers in my shop are yarns and the batts like the ones in the basket at left. These batts don't seem to show up as clearly as they do in other programs, so the blog must save space by putting lower resolution pictures on. These are shades of greens that I sell for felting - wet and needle. I have a Patrick Green electric carder, which I really love. It allows me to play around with colors and is professional enough to allow me to produce in bulk. I have to admit that not one of the batts in the basket is the same as any of the others. I use them to make landscape scenes like the one below. I teach wet felting on the last Saturday of the month for free with the purchase of fiber to make a project. My favorite felting is of landscapes of the Tucson area. There is something about the color of the sky here that cannot be found anywhere else.

The small piece above is in the initial stage of development. I needlefelted a basic layout of a sunset from a photo that I took earlier in the month. Seeing it in a photo helps me see where I need to add detail and colors. I plan to make a much larger landscape - 27x28 inches, using the same design. I have been wet felting my landscapes, but started to wonder what would happen, if I needlefelted them first and then wet felted. I have started needlefelting a large one and will leave this one as is, so I can make a comparison. I think needlefelting can become tedious, so I doubt that I will do many this way. Wet felting provides a quicker finished product and I like the surprises that I get in wet felting. I want a little more shape control, so I will try to needlefelt at least one.