Latte's kids

I am already behind! Latte had twins last Friday: a buck and a doe, that my sisters named Almond Joy and Toffee. They are really small. Latte has obviously bonded more closely to the buck. I picked up the doe and held her for people to pet today and Latte was not overly concerned. When I picked up the buck, she about had a fit. They were all three waiting for me at the gate this evening, when I came out to feed. Would have made a great picture, but I did not have the camera!

I am listening to the monitor now, and it sounds like someone is in labor. I was just out there, so will wait to hear something more definite - like the cry of a baby - before I go running out. Too many false alarms, but several are imminent. Nerve wracking! I sure am glad I just have to assist.