I had five sheep and two angora goats sheared this morning, in between all of the baby activity. I am thrilled with the Shetland fleeces. I hate waiting all year for them, but it is definitely worth it. Spots and Hazelnut were put in the shed. Since they have been sheared, it is quite obvious that they are very pregnant. I predict that Spots will deliver int he next two weeks and probably have twins. Hazelnut is not as far along, but I put her in the shed because they keep each other quiet. Spot's daughter from last year has been running around all day fussing. No udders, but that does not mean anything based on my experience. They fill up quickly with the first baby's cry.
I will have three other Shetlands sheared on Wednesday afternoon, as long as no emergencies arise on my or my shearer's end. Animals seem to know when you have other plans!