Still waiting

I have decided that goats are drama queens. They like to keep you guessing and demand your attention. I sat out with two goats this morning - Latte from last night - and Holly, our dairy goat. Listening to them, you would have thought that both would have had kids by noon. By 1 P.M. I had them figured out. Holly was confused by Classy trying to nurse off her and thought she was supposed to have had a baby. Latte would be quiet until I turned my head away to look at another goat and then she would start moaning. As soon as I looked back at her, all noise stopped. After the fifth time, I wised up and went back to checking every two hours. It is warm enough outside tonight that Classy and her mother chose to sleep under a Palo Verde. Now I have room for another goat in the shed.

Among other things I accomplished today, was the pick up of 8 boxes by DHL to be shipped to Wooly Knobs in Indiana for processing into roving to be used for spinning and felting. My husband said he would like to see the porch. I was starting to worry about places to put the fleeces that will start accumulating in the next few weeks. I plan to shear three Shetland rams and possibly one buck this week. I need to practice once in a while and the shearer cannot always make it when I need him/her.