Peaches' doe

Dark Chocolate looks gross, but she is up on her feet less than 5 minutes after being born.
Color genetics in goats is a lesson in biology. Peaches was born apricot colored from two black looking angora goats: one was a dominant black and the other a recessive black. I bred Peaches to a recessive black in hopes of getting a black kid. I am always thrilled when the kids are born, especially when they are does. Anyhow, she had her kid on the 1st of March. I let them out of the shed this morning. Peaches was a first time mom, so I was excited to be able to get her kid on her by myself.

I did learn one thing, while Peaches was in labor. She was the first mom to make any noise as she gave birth. She was also the first first-time mom to deliver. I ran out to see what was going on and saw all of the other mothers ganging up on her. I think they were trying to shut her up. Usually, the first that I know a mom is delivering, is from the cries of the baby. Now I know why!