Shearing and lambing

Yesterday was so busy that I really did not sit down till 10 P.M. My friend, Penny, showed up about 10:30 to shear. We managed to get 6 sheep and 3 angora does sheared, as well as watch the black Shetland ewe deliver her lambs. I will put that story in the next post.

Penny shears in the traditional manner of flipping the sheep on their backs. The goats, because of tailbones that make them a lot more fidgety, are shorn on a stand. I love the Shetland fleeces as much as I love the kid mohair. The variation in their coloring is always a nice surprise, when it comes off the sheep.

Penny is an awesome shearer and willing to travel, so you can contact her at She is well worth her fees, since second cuts are rare and the animals don't stress. She does sheep, angora goats, llamas, and alpacas.