Been a while

Between preparing for the 4th Avenue street fair and baby deliveries, I have gotten behind in news. Part of me wants deny that it happened by not writing about it, but I have to share the bad news as well as the good.

Baby, my bottle fed baby from last year, died in childbirth, the week before the fair. You don't know how much you will miss someone or some animal till they are gone. Baby's water broke, but she was not having contractions, so after an hour I went in and discovered that the kid was breech. One of my friends checked the kid out, once we managed to get it out, and said that he was pretty sure that the kid had died a day before. I sure wish that we had a vet around for times like this and that they did not charge so much. There was no question of calling in a vet to help. He would never have arrived in time. Since then, my heart has started to race when I know that another mom is about to deliver. Now I know how wrong things can go.

Marc, my husband, had baby watch duty, while I was at the fair, and discovered that Jalapeno had had twin does right as he was getting ready to come pick me up. He and Kyle managed to get them all into a pen in the shed and made sure that the kids drank before he headed out to get me. When he called, I asked him to check the sexes. Too funny, he did not know how. The customer in the booth at the time, Amber, named them Kit and Kat. Rosey decided that the black one looked most like Kat.

Today, Obsidian, a black Shetland ewe had twin rams. I have had a lot more rams than ewes born this year, but that is OK. I will castrate and keep them for their fleeces. I have been really happy with all of their fleeces so far. Most are white or black and some are shades are of grey. The chocolate fleece was coarser than the rest, but it is a great color and will do nicely blended into a different fiber.

I am going to post a lot of pictures in the next posting. From reading this one, you should be able to figure out, what is what.