Flowers and Shearing

My family should recognize the iris above. It is the first of many that have bloomed outside my kitchen window in the past two weeks. I have been hauling the bulbs every time that we have moved. I had them in my vegetable garden in the arena and Marc moved them to the back yard this past fall. It is lovely to watch the colors start to pop. There used to be rusty colored blossoms, but I think I am getting only blue/purple ones now. Definitely a sign of spring, although I have to admit that it already feels like summer here.

This is No Size,the buck that bred all of my white does this past year. He is awesome. Almost all doe kids this year and he still has gorgeous hair at the age of three. It is the equivalent of a second fleece for most angora goats and I got over 7 pounds of it. It is in the washer right now. Can't wait to try spinning it. Of course, I also have three gorgeous fleeces - a badger, a grey, and a black. So, which will I do first?

Penny was here to shear this past Tuesday and will be back on the 15th of May. You are invited to come and watch. I have three llamas and 10 goats/sheep to be sheared, before I am done till October. Lots of lovely fleeces. Most of the fleeces from Tuesday have been washed. They are for sale, so stop on by. Except the silver and black ones! I am hoarding again.