Gorgeous Easter

Spring is here! Sorry for those of you who live in colder climates, but the average temperature here during the day is now 85 degrees. I have had to turn the fans on for the bunnies, but most of the goats and sheep seem to be doing well. Emmy and Brillo have their rounds. About noon and 4 P.M. they tend to show up at the front fence. Emmy is sitting where they like to take a dust bath.
This is a current photo of the shop. I try to rearrange the shop on a regular basis and thought I would compare this photo to the one on my website.
I got bored this afternoon, so I felted the blue purse and finished the brown one that I started months ago. I have already decided how I will finish them. Usually I hang them a while before deciding. Both purses required three batts and the insides are totally different. I make make them reversible. Depends on how the embellishments work out.
No Size before and after his haircut on Tuesday. He looks rather pitiful. I moved him to a pen, so I could open up the outer pasture for the rest of the animals. He won't be lonely, since all sorts of kids have been popping in and out of his pen. They are not all his kids either. He is being very tolerant.