More lambs and weaving

Onyx had twin lambs on Monday and sure enough, they were rams. Can't believe how many of them I have had this year. They are 3/4 Shetland and look totally Border Leicester. I don't really care, since I can castrate them and keep them for their fleeces. There does not seem to be much of a demand for the sheep themselves, but the yarn sells very well.

I got excited this past week. Finished goods sold, so I have space for something new. I got motivated on Monday to finish tying on my loom - which has been sitting at the same stage since last October. I started weaving and two hours later realized that I had woven half of a shawl. It is natural colored Shetland and I will name the shawl after Hazelnut, since it is all her fleece. I am always planning my next project as I work, so I decided to blend the Jacob ram's fleece with the kid mohair form the buck that I called "Doll Hair." Lovely stuff. I started spinning it today and have decided that it is gorgeous and might have to be used differently in two shawls. I experimented on a drop spindle with a thick and thin yarn and love the shine that the mohair adds to the wool. That shawl will be called Granite, after the Jacob sheep. The other one will be the Doll Hair. Now I just need to find the time!