Time flies

I got bored tonight, so I decided to take a few of the goats for a walk. I figured the oldest moms would be the safest, because their kids would follow them back in. Barbara, Saffron and Habanera seemed to be the most interested in escaping, so they got to go. Habanera's daughter must already be weaned, because she was no where near her mother. She did not get to go!
Some of you might recognize marble, the bottle fed baby from the November wool festival. He has definitely grown, although tells me that he is small compared to the rams born about the same time that he was.
The last picture is of Garnet and her ram, Truffles. They were on the inside looking out. I included this photo, because I am currently finishing a shawl on my loom that includes her wool and the "Doll Hair" buck. It turned out to be a lovely combination.