The year of the doe and the ram

Seems like all of the goats are producing does and the sheep are producing rams. Good thing I had already decided that I was castrating all of the rams, so I could keep them.

Precious had a doe and a buck on Saturday morning. She was really nice. She did it all before I had to open shop. I am naming them Bitter and Sweet after the Lindt chocolate bars that I bought last night.

Onyx, the black ewe out of Shyly, had twins rams this morning, so now I am in search of another set of names for one black and one white lamb. Onyx was a much better mom than Pearl. Her babies are on her already and she did not struggle to give birth. I have not run her into the shed, since she seems to be doing well on her own. I did lock her in the far out pasture, so the rest of the sheep would give her some space. Nice to have moms give birth easily!