Shearing again

I might include a photo of the buck tomorrow. You could not tell how big his dewlap was, until he got sheared.

Since my shearer has rescheduled on me three times and it is really too hot for some of the animals, I decided to get my shears back out. I will survive it, and so will my marriage, if I keep it to one a day. I am finding the hooves harder to do than the whole body! Anyhow, I have done two goats, have two more and then two sheep. A third sheep is pregnant, so I am going to wait until she delivers. I still plan on having someone else do the llamas.

I am busy coming up with new designs for shawls to weave. I just finished one that I really like. Hope it shrinks the way I expect in the wash. Kristie told me to bring it to Indiana and she will model it for my website. They are definitely her colors.
I will post photos tomorrow, if all goes well!