In the design mode

I have been spinning lace/fingering weight ( I always debate about which size it really is) yarns recently and liked this green/gray one so much that I ended up crocheting a shawl. I started with a leaf pattern that I discovered in a book and within the first row came up with an idea that would expand it into a shawl. It looks nothing like the original pattern that sparked the inspiration, so I feel safe publishing it. I am now making one in a shade of watermelon cherry/grey. I decided that I liked the yarns because they are a blend of all sorts of fibers and colors. Mohair slides into bits of wool and then llama. The colors do the same thing, and it is so random, that it reminds me of the years that I spent playing with jigsaw puzzles. The eye is tricked into seeing one color when looked at from a distance, but the beauty is in viewing it close up.
This one is priced at $70 and the pattern is available for $5.