In other areas

Marc and I are now looking at acreage in different areas of southern Arizona. We are limited by property size here in terms of numbers of animals that we can legally keep. I intend to remain with the legal limits, since I do have so many people come through. This means that I have to start looking at alternatives, and more acreage in a cooler spot seems to be calling. We love the Tucson culture and our friends, so we don't plan to move too far. A tourist area without all of the traffic is in our plans also. Above is a piece that we are considering. It has National forest in the back and a view that is to die for. Marc that he will run away, if we move and I ever even look at another piece of property. This place seems to have a lot, and according to the regulations in that county, I could keep 320 animals. I plan to stick at around 60, but would be able to keep the animals long enough to get the best fleeces off them and also have a chance to evaluate them. Now I have to decide at 6 months, which does not suit my breeding plans.

Sure hope that my customers will be willing to drive down! I might even be able to put some of them up, depending on how things work out.