Tempus fugit!

Time does seem to be flying. I got excited about weaving again after selling a few shawls. This green one is a blend of fibers with a matching coiled yarn on a perle cotton warp. It turned out to be a lot of fun and now I am doing variations of it in different colors and fibers. I have finished four shawls, since the last post. I am pricing this one at $175. I have a black one that has touches of pink and blue in that is $185, and then a Shetland shawl and a Mohair/Jacob's wool shawl that are in a more classic style and priced at $250.
On my loom I currently have a raspberry colored perle cotton warp with a raspberry mohair and white Shetland weft. It also has the coiled yarn. I will do one that is raspberry and black kid mohair (yarn is already spun), since I wanted to see how the different colors added change the look. I can already tell that the one with the black kid mohair is going to be gorgeous, soft and rich!