Kristie played the first stage of the USA International well enough, that we think she will make it to the second stage. Since we will not know until Saturday evening, she is practicing away. If she makes it, she will play sometime on Sunday afternoon.

I have been busy crocheting, kumihimo braiding, and spinning. I finished a shawl and one skein of yarn.

My flight here was memorable - plane had to turn around and land at a small airport to refuel. Dallas closed for an hour and all flights had to circle. Managed to make my next flight because everything else got messed up. I was glad that mine had such a long delay that I made it. Lots of people were being put up at hotels at their own expense. I was 2 hours late and got to Kristie's at 2 A.M. We did not get to bed till almost 4. I think we are almost back on Kristie's schedule. Late sleeper, so afternoon performances are best!

I am going to see, if I can load pictures from Kristie's computer. If not, you will just get the written word. Boring, but better than nothing.