Lots of mohair

Thought I would show some of the different lock styles based on ages of the angora goat. The picture above is the typical fleece of a 2 year old angora goat. It has a lovely sheen, but I would only use it blended into some other fiber to keep the shine and soften it up. By itself, it would sell easily as doll hair, if I let it grow long enough. Otherwise, I would call it rug yarn. There is a use for all mohair, you just need to be able to discover the feel.
The above fleece is still on No Size. It is his sixth fleece and even nicer than his last one. Notice the fineness of the fiber and the tight lock sturcture. He is what is referred to as the Texas angora goat, because of the fiber style. His fiber is what I am breeding for in my herd. Not all of his offspring have it, but their hair is superior to the typical angora and the next generation appears to be as lovely as his. Time will tell. And, just think, I saved him from the sale barn!
This is kid mohair from one of his offspring. Very fine and crimpy. This is a buck and he is already sold.