While waiting for Kristie to make copies of her new harp music, so she can add pedal markings to them, I visited the Borders bookstore next door. As I was walking out, my eye was caught by a book on Monet. Pretty hefty volume and bulky to carry home, but I bought it anyhow, because after looking through it, I realized that there are a lot of inspirational pictures in it. I have been told numerous times that my felted landscapes look a lot like Monet's work. I decided to see, if it were true. Close up pictures of small areas of his work look just like the batts that I have been creating. I can see that I will be able to draw a lot of color combinations from his work and card them up for both spinning and felting. I might try to recreate one of his landscapes in felting to see how close I can get to the same color combinations.

I spent some time spinning from the fiber that Jamie and Matt gave me. It is lending itself to a laceweight/fingering yarn that will have a lovely sheen for a shawl. Depending on how many yards I get out two bobbins, I will also do a skein or two of plied yarn from the same size single. I wrapped the yarn to see how it looks plied. I would love to say that i is my spinning that is making the yarn turn out so lovely, but I think it has a lot more to do with how well the roving is prepared and the soft touch of the fiber. Wished my textured yarns flowed so easily,but I suspect they would be more boring, if they did.