Current projects

I am busy cleaning up my studio and trying to card or box up the older fibers to be processed. The bugs are starting to move in, and I don't want to have to move out!

I am weaving a series of bags on my loom using the yarn that I got back from the spinning mill. The singles were nice, but it seems like their machines are set up to put even more twist into the plied yarn. It was not what I would use for knitting, so I used half of it to warp my large loom.. I have woven five bags so far and still have two more to go. I started out spinning the weft especially for this project and then today decided to dig through my basket of small skeins. I found enough groups of colors to be able to use up half of them. Some are colors that I personally do not like, so it is great that everyone is not like me!

Another project I am working on, is providing information to a freelance writer about how I got into the fiber business. It has been interesting reading and then answering her questions. It has triggered memories that I had forgotten and caused me to analyze what motivates me. If the article gets published, I will be sure to let you know. It will not be done in a hurry. I could see using her questions as a guideline for writing a book someday. I have to admit that right now I am too busy living it.