Marble's haircut

Those who visited last year during the wool festival might remember the little lamb that followed me around. Guess what? I gave him his first haircut two weeks ago. Amazing how much lanolin and how many blades needed to be replaced to finish him up. I left the top of his head with wool, because I was not sure how the goats at his new home and he would react to each other. Turns out, that I worried for nothing. I think his hairstyle is kind of cute and it reminds me of one of the Beatles. Am I dating myself?

Penny came and sheared 8 goats last week, so I have a new supply of kid mohair to play with. Almost all of it has been washed. I wanted to get them done, because I need to see how fine the hair is on the eight bucks that I got in trade for two does. I plan to use a few for breeding and I needed to know which ones I would castrate. It is already breeding season, so I HAVE to make decisions. A few rams have already become "its". Several more will also get castrated in the next few weeks. I have already started moving the ewes in with their mates.

I have ordered the only animal that I plan to buy this year. It is a dominant black yearling buck coming from California. My friend here in Tucson has agreed to do the hauling for me. He is such a nice guy! The new buck should be here in mid September and then I will split the does by color. I will probably move No Size out to the far out pasture in two weeks. I am hoping to keep my gates and fences intact!