4th Ave Street Fair

I got the news on Sunday that I have made it into the street fairs for both winter and spring. A relief, since that is where I make the most contact with people, who later come to visit the ranch. Most of my business is now from the internet (people out of state visiting Arizona), from the yellow pages in the phone book, and from the fairs that I attend.

I am heading out to Taos at the end of next week to check out their fair. I went two years ago. I would not be going this year, if I had not signed up for the Pluckyfluff camp on novelty yarns, which is the following Monday and Tuesday. It should be a lot of fun. The THSG gave me and Margo, who is going with me, a partial scholarship to help defray the costs. We are obligated to give a short power point presentation on what we learned. We will have lots of photos!