Clean shop and studio

This is the cleanest that my studio has been in years. Of course, I will not show you the picture of my garage! I am rewashing all of my fleeces. I have discovered that Eccoscour is great for getting the grease and lanolin out of the raw fiber, but it leaves some of the fibers feeling pretty sticky. I am soaking the fleeces - dyed or not - in shampoo in the washer and then rinsing them. The mohair seems to be responding the best. Talk about a lovely shine. I am not losing any of the color - and the water is as hot as it comes out of the water heater - so I am impressed. I have a dozen more bags to do (at least 5 washer loads) before I will go back to washing new fleeces.
This is a photo of my shop on one side as it is today. It could change at any time, since I am experimenting with new ways of displaying items. I am trying to make it look a little less cluttered. A new shipment will be arriving from Wooly Knobs any day now and I am in a space crunch!