Marc got back from Germany last week and brought me some chocolate candy. It provided the name for my new black dominant buck that I bought from Chata Clayton of California. He is gorgeous and knows he is special. I had a visitor today that looked at him and said that he thought Edelbitter struts and knows that he is being shown off. Actually, I think he holds his head high to be able to see around all of the facial hair. I will agree that he is special. He is going to have quite a harem this year. I am going to use him with all of my colored does. No Size is going to get all of the older white does. I am going to use one of the young bucks with the kid does that I breed this year. Some will not be bred, since they are too small.

Edelbitter is going to be shorn on the 3rd or 4th of October. You are welcome to come out - after 10, of course! I am not a morning person and have reserved that time for the animals and getting myself in gear for the day. I am a night owl and get the bulk of my spinning done in the evening while watching DVDS.