Felting spree

This is the finished black bowl that I showed in the last entry. I ended up felting the bowl again to make it sturdier. Too much llama for it not to be really well felted. When my husband made the comment that it is a little too (never mind the word he used), I knew I needed to rework it!
This bowl is my favorite. It is mohair mixed into brown Shetland and looks best in natural sunlight. It is reversible. I really am drawn to the earth tones right now. Reminds me of the colors of the Patagonia property that we are looking at.
This is the bowl that I think of as the Southwestern bowl. It has the blues and oranges of the west over a brown Shetland.
This is the inside of the bowl that I think of as the spring bowl. It is reversible and has a side that looks just right for fall and winter.

The prices for the bowl and the reverse of the spring bowl are on my web page www.uniquedesignsbykathy.com on the fleeces and felted page.

I am back to spinning again. I need to have a lot of yarn, since I am doing several shows back to back.