The Impressionists

I watched a BBC program on Netflix called "The Impressionists." I would never have sat through it, if I had not been spinning and needed a distraction. I can tell that I would never have been an artist, if it had meant living in poverty and going into debt like Monet, Renoir, etc. That must have been a nerve-wracking way to live. I could not create, if I had to always be worrying about where the next meal were to come from. Anyhow, I selected the program because so many people have been comparing my work to Monet's. I love his use of color and his garden, but I would never be able to do multiple copies - never mind 60 copies - of the same idea. I am sure that he perfected it, but I would have been bored after the second one. I did like how they presented the fascination he had with how light changed the colors of the landscape. I am always watching the sunsets when I feed the animals and I am caught up in the same way at the way the clouds play out against the mountains and at the way the colors change as the sun moves across and down behind picture rocks.