Dressing up for a change

I don't usually model my garments, but this is one of the creations that I made and it looks better on me than on the mannequin. A first! Marc and I were going to the Tucson Pima County Open Studios Tour kickoff downtown and I wanted to show off something that I had made. I had planned to wear the freeform shawl that is almost finished, but 85 degrees is too much for mohair and wool. This one was just right. After seeing the back, I am going to have to write the pattern and make another one in a different weight yarn and color.
Just too lovely, even if it is on me!
This is the skein that was on the bobbin in the previous post. It includes emerald colored beads and butterflies.
These three skeins are all based on the same colorway that I had in the last post. The bottom one is the one that was on the bobbin. The one on the top left is my own original design and the result of not liking how twisted pieces would slide on the yarn.
I am now spinning up the rest of the batts that are in this colorway plainly, so someone can have yarn to make larger garments with the novelty yarns spread out.
Marc advised me to knit up one of these skeins, so others will know what it will look like. I spent so long spinning them, that I am afraid to dig into the knitting. I already have the idea of using the novelty yarn in a freeform log cabin style. They colors vary, so I would never have to cut the thread.