Jacobs ram

As you can see from the above photo, Granite, the Jacobs ram, was well named. He destroyed the pen and chains were no longer going to be enough to keep him in. Marc and I were out raking on Friday evening and this guy was lifting the whole pen out of the ground, concrete and all. It was really scary to hear the racket that he was making. I had discovered on Thursday, when I took visitors out, that Granite had shoved the side fence out about 4 feet. Kyle helped me get the panel chained to the remaining fence pole, but that was not going to be a solution.
This is another pen that we turned in to what one of my friends called a padded cell. There is a tire dug into the ground at the middle of the pen. Granite has already taken it down twice. Someone mentioned that she used tired to protect her pens, so I suggested that Marc drive down to a tire store to pick up a few. He came back with an entire truckload! So far, Granite has not attacked the gate or the fence where the waterer is. Of course, now I am minus the large pen for the colored goats to go into for breeding, so I am going to have to put them in a pen where the ironwood leaves drop. Not good for fiber, so it cannot be a long term proposition.

Know anyone that wants a Jacobs ram? He is available in January or he goes as dinner. I understand from other breeders and the vet that this is typical behavior for adult rams. Got to have a fence beater every year!