Taos and the Pluckyfluff Camp

Margo and I drove up to the Taos Ski Valley before going to our workshop. This was my favorite picture. I have several of the tall trees with their leaves changing, but the sight of water running over rocks was refreshing and the focus of several pictures. I plan to do a felting of it. The Shetland ram fleece in a previous post has the exact same colors as the water running over the rocks. It will be interesting to see, if I can duplicate the motion of the water.
This is one of the batts that I created at the novelty yarn workshop. Lexi calls it crazy carding. I signed up to be a Louet dealer today, so I can carry the carder that produces this type of batt. the Patrick Green carder is awesome for classic yarns. One time through, and I am spinning away. It takes out all of the texture, so I need a coarser carder. never thought I would say that. I have ordered three carders, sold one, and have one more. They will not ship before next week, but that is ok, since I have the Patagonia Fall Arts Festival this weekend and no time to play with the novelty yarns.
This skein of yarn is the result of the batt above. It has lots of texture. The colors are gorgeous and wildy random.