Bunnies have been named

This angora doe was named by one of the visitors to the wool festival. She is officially Cadbury. As you can see, she found the bucket of food and just hopped right in. Of course, Rocky, below, found it first. I had to move the bucket. I did not want them to get the food stuck to the wool. They are getting too big to spend all of their time in the cage.
I have been letting them roam the studio. They have not ventured over to the shop side yet. They are not afraid of Charcoal, my studio cat, which makes for some funny incidents. Charcoal reaches into their cage and taps them. I am sure that she would do more, if she thought she could get away with it. I don't have to worry about the bunnies, when they are out, because Charcoal sits and watches them, but runs away when they start in her direction. She is used to bunnies running in the opposite direction, so she is confused.