Hidden Treasures Wrap

This was one of the skeins that I spun up with the idea of knitting it freeform. So many people could not visualize the end object, so I had an excuse to pull it out of the shop in order to knit it up. I was thinking a scarf or a shawl, but a wrap seems to be the better way to describe what I ended up with. I used size 11 needles. Larger needles would have let the treasures slide to the back side and smaller needles would have caused the wrap to feel stiff and not drape properly. I ended up pulling two skeins that I had listed on etsy in order to finish. I did not want to wait to spin new yarn and wash it to set the twist. It took approximately 350 yards to complete. It was a lot of fun to knit up and will appeal to anyone, who likes a mystery!
Buttons and coils.
Stars and twists.
Bows and beads
The wrap can be worn with both sides down over the arms, or as I have hung it here, with a brooch to hold it in place. I am pricing it at $325, based more on the fiber than the knitting. No one wants to pay for that!