Jacob's ram again

This guy is a bit much. Marc went to Desert Diamond Casino and came back home to feed the animals for me. He discovered that a Shetland ram and the Jacob's ram had busted the gates of their pens and gotten out to do each other mischief. They were both after the same ewe, that had been locked up with the Jacob's and had gotten out , when the Jacob's broke out. Marc managed to get the rams back in: the Jacob's because he just stood there - not scared enough to run off and the Shetland after a great deal of running. Marc called me to tell me about it and to let me know that Kyle and I would have to catch the ewes. Thank God, Kyle is such a good runner. I distracted the ewes with a flashlight - too dark to see anything without it by this time - and Kyle ran them till they got tired. Everyone is back in their pen, although the Jacob' and his harem are in a different pen. He broke out of the padded one and it is destroyed. That guy's testosterone should be packaged!

The show has been a bust so far. I don't think the organizers spent all the money they have charged on advertising like they should have. We had less people go through than were here at the wool festival. Anyhow, I plan to take my wheel tomorrow and at least get some real spinning in. I spun 1.6 ounces on a drop spindle. Four cute, tiny skeins, but not much to show for all the hassle of taking things down and putting them back up. I could look at it as practice for the 4th Ave, but I don't think I really need it!