4th Avenue a big success!

Flaky weather did not stop serious shoppers! I met lots of new spinners and knitters, and recognized at least half of those who came through. I taught 3 people to spin and I really hope they keep at it. They were determined, so I expect to see cool yarns. If you are a spinner and want to hang out with others who do, I reserve the first Saturday of the month for that. It does not matter, if you are working with a drop spindle or a wheel. Seeing what other spinners are doing will give you inspiration. I teach the basics and love to see others going in their own directions.

Some of you met Chris today. Isn't he a great salesman? He got away with saying things that would sound like bragging, if I said them. He had people reaching out to feel yarns and falling in love with them. I am going to steal some of his tactics. He has promised to help me at the spring 4th Avenue Street fair. I really enjoyed having him help out this afternoon. Watching him demonstrate carding at the wool festival, I knew he would be a lot of help. He did get exposure to the hard work involved in tearing down and packing up. Hope Marc and I did not scare him away!

I only took the one photo of my booth, so I will load it tomorrow. Too dark, but all I have. I came home with a lot less yarn, so I can redo my shop layout. I have already started putting it back together, since I have orders to fill. I might even clean the studio a little. I can no longer walk around it without having to do leg lifts, etc. to get over the piles.

Since I sold several of my samples for patterns, I will have to knit replacements. I might even take and use new photos on them, since they will not be the same colors. I could not reproduce the originals colors and have no desire to do so.

I want to thank all those who came shopping. I am almost out of debt!

Don't forget to put the felting on your calendar. It is a lot of fun and everyone walks away with something cool and new friends.