4th Avenue Street Fair

Can't believe that it is already here and that there is rain forecast for every day. I refuse to let it get me down. I intend to sell a bunch - to pay for fiber processing and feed!

The canopy is already set up and everything hung. I prefer to set up the night before. Sure makes the next day start later and seem more normal. The paper had an article today that talked about the selection process. I guess having the application process go online drew in a lot of new faces. Maybe less tie-dye? Anyhow, they said that 245 of the vendors are new. I am so glad I still got in. I had heard from a few people that did not get in. I met several new vendors tonight and I felt an old hand at it - and this is my 4th time. I plan to start a new project, if things goes slow due to rain. I finished the freeform shawl and it is going to hang permanently in the shop. No more adding! Priced at $398. A friend said it should be $425. Her opinion was that it would go for $800 in New York. Don't I wish!

If you are bored come hang out at the fair. I am in booth number 347.