4th Avenue Street Fair

I am so glad that the weathermen don't always get it right! No rain today and lots of people at the fair were a winning competition. I met a lot of interesting people today. I am always interested in what brings people to fiber and how they used it. I would give some examples, but I am leery of making people feel uncomfortable.

My friend, Chris is going to come down with me tomorrow. Marc tells me that we will have rain early, but that it will clear up. I finally found the shawl that needs less than half an hour of work, so I will finish it during the slow periods - hope there are not any! I plan to photograph it on the mannequin and then add the photo to the pattern that I have already written.

I did take a photo of the booth but it is too dark to see clearly, so I will try again tomorrow.

I finished spinning a bobbin of yarn this evening and put it in the wash. Will hang it out to dry and hope that it dries by Sunday. Several people asked whether I had a supply of yarn left at home and if I did all of my own spinning. I do and I spend hours watching Netflix movies to make myself sit still. I spent most of the summer spinning late in the evenings. I have found those to be my most productive hours. I find myself easily distracted during the daytime and hopping from one thing to another. Knowing that I had several fall shows motivated me to create. My only regret now, is that I did not have my "aha" moment about novelty yarns - my freeform style - until the middle of October. I was not sure that the yarns would sell. I had to price them high to justify the amount of time and money I spent on the novelties that I put in them. Anyhow, I feel like I should have spun more of them. I will be back to the two color schemes that I have organized, as soon as I put my shop back together on Monday!

I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces today! Hope to see more tomorrow.