Animals love to pose!

This is Absinthe's baby from last year. Mini can no longer see without having to throw her hair back. She has the second loveliest fleece. Saffron's doe beats her out by just a little. They will get sheared about March 15th.
This is Absinthe. She is the happiest to be out of the pens. She and her daughter still hang out together. Now her fleece is rug yarn, but she is a keeper due to her lovely disposition and babies. She will stand still for kids to pet. What more can you ask for?
This is one of Barbara's kids from last year. Now she does NOT like being separated from the does and bucks. She is pretty close to delivery, so I want her free to roam.
My friend, Rosey, named this goat, Crystal. We are still calling her Texas Doe. She is most definitely pregnant. She reminds me of a bear. She is the most skittish doe, but warming up to me finally. She will now eat grain out of my hand.She has learned that she can't get it any other way.
Habanera, Barbara and Cocoa are roaming everywhere. Barbara has been reminding all of the goats that she is the boss. She went around attacking each of the pens. The only goat that we have had longer is Holly, the dairy goat. Barbara and Holly still head butt, but they are also friends.

I don't really need any more fleeces right now, but after sitting out on a tire and watching them for a while today, I am itching to get a few of them sheared!