Fleeces and more animals

This is a close up of the fleece of the 3/4 Shetland in the last picture of the last post. Can't seem to get more than 5 photos to post at a time. 3 inches of his wool are brown and the inch and a half closest to his body has turned grey. Lovely coloring. Dove (white) and Reeses were the two wethers in that photo.
This is Mole'. His wool is growing slower than the others, but it is lovely. There are spots of grey with touches of black and a shade of brown in areas. I have loved looking at the fleeces this year. Lots more colors than I thought. All of the parents are cream or white with touches of grey. Funny how different they all turn out. Have I mentioned that all but two were born pure black? They have all changed in some way.
These are more of the wethers.
The does on the left is Saffron's kid doe that I kept. She has the loveliest hair. This is Peaches' kid doe in with her.
These two wethers are brothers. I was amazed when the one in the back was sheared in October. I was sure he was going to be pure black. Turns out that only the outer inch and a half was. His fleece is spun or sold. I am thinking that his brother has black all of the way through, since it was when I looked not too long ago, but I could be wrong.

I am not sure that all of the does and ewes got pregnant this year. It has been really warm this winter. I am fairly certain that the ewes that were in with the Cormo did not get pregnant. They seem to fuss periodically. I would put them with a Shetland ram, but it is kind of late in the season and I am limited on animals that I can keep anyhow.