Monet, Felting, and Lambs

I am currently back on the novelty yarn kick. It is so much more fun to just kind of do a little of this and a little of that. I am spinning a series that I am naming "Monet" because it reminds me of his waterlilies series. I don't think blues, greens, and yellows are in, but my customers don't seem to care!
New felters hard at work. Lots of lovely purses and bowls. One lady has already sent me a photo of her purse completed with strap and a tassle. Gorgeous. I am waiting for her permission to post it here.
You can't see their work because the netting is covering it, or the sun washes the color out from a distance. The weather was gorgeous for felting. Not too hot and not raining. We are supposed to get some and I was really glad that it held off, so we did not have to work in the garage. The garage is going to be enclosed with glass doors, so we can use it year round. Our land hunting has been put on hold due to lack of properties without issues that are also scenic
I asked one of my visitors today to help me name the lamb. I have decided to use desert flowers and trees as my theme this year. The little girl feeding him settled on Desert Rose. We will call him Desert. He has settled in and comes running when he hears me, looking for the bottle. He is all legs!