Photogenic cat?

Charcoal, the studio cat, found a new spot to hang out. I bought a tabletop photo studio, so I could get better pictures for my yarns. The lights are not as good as the flash on my camera, but it does cut off the mess in the rest of the studio. Of course, a box would have worked just as well!
This is the yarn that I spun today from a batt, that I carded last night.The colors really appealed to me: a touch of yellow and red among the blue and purple.It is a mix of kid mohair and wool, coiled over cotton. It is currently in the wash. I am going to list it on my etsy shop.

I have started spinning a green, blue and orange mohair blend with a dirty grey looking Shetland. It is going to wash up a lot nicer, since this was a fleece that I did not clean as thoroughly as I have others. That is why I am spinning it and not selling it as a batt. It looks interesting. I am not sure that I will ply it. Depends on what I feel like after I get it all spun.I must have been happy carding because it is over 11 ounces. I am spinning it laceweight.