Tor's baby

While at the TH&SG meeting today, I got a call from Tor. He is going out of town and he had a mom with triplets. He asked me, if I would like a bottle ram. I could not say "no", so I stopped by his place on my way home and picked up the lamb. He is cute, but very loud. He quiets down, when the other sheep are nearby or I hold him. Like all babies, he likes to have something around him. I would let him out, but then might not be able to catch him in order to feed him. Once I know he will come for the bottle, he will get free run.
Now I am going to have to think up my theme for names. It has to be something that I know a lot about and can REMEMBER! I also checked out his baby angora goat kids. They are so cute! Can't wait for mine to start delivering. They are at least a month out, except for the Jacobs' ewe.