Total uproar

My friend, Tor, came and trimmed hooves and helped me put eartags in the kids that I missed last fall. I have not bothered with the wethers, since they are not going to be bred. As we went through the pens, we checked for udders and other signs that baby season is approaching. A lot of the young ones might not have bred this year. Some are getting pretty close, but can't be here before March based on when they went in with the bucks. I let the obviously pregnant ones out, so they will have more room to roam - and I will have less raking? Several of the released ones ran over to the far out pasture fence and started whacking horns with the does in that area. Talk about a racket. Some of the younger ones wanted to go back into the pen that I threw them out of. Barbara and one of her daughters were out and showed no interest in each other. Absinthe and her daughter were instantly back together again. Funny! I will get photos tomorrow.

I have the shearer scheduled to come out on the following dates, if you want to mark your calendars:

Feb 6 (don't come before noon)
March 15: Coincides with my celebrating 4 years in business. Unadvertised specials and shearing.

October 23-25 Fall Shearing and the wool festival on the 25th.