Linda's shawl

Linda showed up this morning with a completed shawl. I am seriously impressed. It takes me weeks to get something finished. She did a superb job of arranging the colors. My picture does not do it justice. Makes me want to knit one in shades of pink, red kid, and white, but I need to keep my pegs stuffed, so I am spinning. The 4th Ave is coming soon and, once babies start arriving, I don't know how much time I will have.

The weather has warmed up and I am washing and dyeing mohair and wool. Partly to fill orders and partly to have new color in the shop. I am weighing before and after washing of fleeces to see just how much I am losing down the drain. The Jacobs ram that cause so much damage only produced 1.78 pounds clean. It is gorgeous and soft, but does not cover the cost of replacing the pen and panels he destroyed. It is next on my carding list, after some kid mohair that was ordered.