Still waiting

I am still waiting for the lambs and kids to start arriving. I had expected the Jacobs ewe woul have delivered by now, so maybe it will be twins this year. I can't tell a thing with the Shetlands. Too much hair!

The black doe in the picture below sounds like she is in labor all of the time, which is worrying. Of course, Latte and Barbara have done that in years past and I have just had to realize that they are drama queens.

On a sad note, Peaches miscarried her kids on Saturday afternoon right after the storm that went through. One of them did not look quite right and I am pretty sure they were premature. So, I am waiting for other kids to arrive in hopes that that was not a sign of the season to come. On the psoitive side, I was able to catch Peaches this evening and milk out colostrum that has started to come in. If her teats were not so small, I would have my son, Kyle, milk her. As it is, Marc and I will take turns at it for a few days. Her colostrum could end up saving another baby, so there is some good in it.