Absinthe's babies

Yesterday Absinthe surprised me with triplets. Amanda and emily were here raking for fiber, so I let them help me pick their names: Dune (buck) and Evening and Primrose two does). All really cute. She did not bond well with them till this afternoon, when Precious (who was in labor) tried to steal one. Now she knows she has three and does a count every so often.
The babies do not all hang out with each other or with their mother. This is the first time I caught them all in one place. Since Absinthe is more attentive, I will probably be able to get more cool photos.

I had to pull Precious' kids out this afternoon. I hate doing that. The first one as butt first and had already died. I did manage to get the second one out. She looked dead, but I opened her mouth and put my finger down her throat and she coughed and came alive. She is up and drinking and Mom is happy with afterbirth out. I have named her Desert Willow.

Between all of the above and allergy season here with a breeze, I am exhausted. Still have to go out and check moms again. Ii plan to go to bed and then get up and go check in the middle of the night. I mostly worry about first time moms. They don't get it!