Baby Pictures

This is Columbian with her three lambs. The two on the left are rams that I will castrate and the one on the right is an ewe. They are really tiny. I doubt that the ewe weighs more than 2 pounds right now. Cute and fast. Colombian is keeping them in line. She was funny to watch chasing them down this evening.
This is Caramel. Her buck is drinking from her, but not getting enough. They are out now and the little buck comes running up for a bottle as soon as he sees me. I plan to try catching her. If she has enough udder, I am going to cut the bottles. He goes under her as soon as I take the bottle away, but he stays there very little.
Precious' kid is inside the bucket.Precious was feeling insecure the first few days. Now she is overly relaxed and only calls Willow when she wants her to drink. Willow is currently running around with Latte's triplets, who were born the same day.
The above is Willow basking in the sun.
This is Mighty Mouse with her twin bucks. They are easy to pick out of the crowd, because they both have tufts of white hair on the crowns of their heads. They are very self-sufficient and have figured out how to stay warm.