Busy Day

Went out this morning and found Columbian with three lambs - an ewe and two rams. All had plump tummies, so were fine.

I also noticed that Latte did not go eat, and she is always first in line, so I was not surprised to hear her laboring at noon. Had to help her with the first baby and after an hour, I could tell that she still had babies, but nothing was happening, so I reached in and found a baby with the head in the wrong direction. Pulled it out and reached back in to pull out another. All three kids are does and doing very well. I had a customer that had worked with sheep as a child, so I pressed her into labor - she held Latte's head, while I pulled babies.

As the three ladies who came to felt got started, I heard another bellow over the speaker. Ran out to find that one of Barbara's babies had had her baby - a really cute black buck. This doe does not have much milk, so I am having to put the baby on her. She is also a first time mom, so no surprise there. She is now standing still for the baby. I plan to give him an extra bottle of milk when I go out before going to bed. He is really big, so definitely not premature.

Pictures will be loaded tomorrow, since I am too tired to wait for them to load.