No new babies, but..

Mint has still not delivered, but I know how I will be able to tell, if sheep are close. Desert, the Rambouillet lamb is sneaking up on future moms and checking out their udders. The Jacobs ewe finally has udders and the milk must smell, because Desert was trying to sneak a drink. He has also been harassing a Shetland ewe, so I know who to watch. It has been quiet around here, which has allowed me to get through some Netflix and get in some spinning. I decided to try out a new fiber blend to see how well it would felt. To be honest, I loved the colors and I needed to see how much fiber people would have to buy to make a small ipod/cellphone bag. The bag turned out really well, so I spun up some of the red to make a flower to embellish it and then spun up and coiled another batch to use as the strap. Hopefully, I will be motivated enough tomorrow to get it finished.

I managed to wash Pearl's fleece. She is the large Border Leicester/Shetland that was sheared on Saturday. It was 6 pounds raw and it will be interesting to see how much is left after washing. It is gorgeous and a lovely shade of white. It will be gone really soon. The white dyes beautifully. I might spin it up white and then Koolaid space dye it.

Right now I am spinning up the top portion of a batch of kid mohair that was dyed in the remainder of a lot of cranberry. It has a purplish tint to it. Tomorrow I will do the kid mohair that almost looks like cranberry. I am trying to have a variety of colors available for the 4th Avenue Street Fair.