Not so shriveled up after all

I had a white buck that we discovered in January with shriveled up testicles. I did not keep him and really wondered whether the does in with him ever got pregnant. Guess he took care of business before withering, because Dark Chocolate had twin does this morning. I bred her to a white with Texas curls, so she had white kids. If I had bred her to the black buck, it would have likely been black bucks. They are cute and already up and drinking. My sister, Paula named the Nightblooming and Cereus. Mom is dark and had them at night.
Saffron had bucks last week. They are both white and out of No Size, not color carriers.
Badger doe can be any time. She has huge udders and no hair around them, so her kids should be able to get right on her. I am hoping that she has twin silver does. No telling till they arrive!
Jalapeno might have triplets. She did not get up to eat, so I have to start worrying about toxemia, if she does not have them today. I am going to take her a handful of grain out shortly and see how she is doing. Her daughter from last year, Kat, is behind her. She is still pregnant also. Both were out with Edelbitter the black buck, so more bucks?