Well, blogger does not seem to want to work all of the time, which is frustrating. I have uploaded pictures twice and they are still not appearing. Figured I would just write, while I am remembering and catch up on photos later.

I let the Badger Doe and her kids out this afternoon.. I ended up putting her back in, because she was not keeping track of her babies and the one she does not like was getting left by himself. Not a good thing on a dark night. Mint's babies keep escaping their pen and everyone was in an uproar about it, when I went out to check tonight. Since hawks have been hovering above and coyotes are making a huge racket every night, I am keeping babies in pens longer. Some are really tiny, while others are huge.

Cinnamon had a doe and a buck, both black on Sunday morning. She is an over protective mom and shoves her babies behind her, whenever someone comes in. The buck has white ears, so he will be easy to pick out in a crowd.

Will post this and see, if I can photos to load. Otherwise, I am done for the night!